How much does a container cost

The cost of buying a container depends on many factors such as their age and size, whether any accessories have been fitted or modifications made, and the delivery charge. It is not possible to publish a price list as costs vary with changes in the container market and delivery. Contact us to get our price list

Can you stack containers?

Yes, and we can supply the interlocking twist locks to comply with health & safety regulations.

Can we purchase containers we have either rented or hired?

Yes, we are always happy to discuss the sale of containers you have rented or hired, all prices will be subject to the used container market at that time, the condition of the container, and transport cost implications.

Do you provide second hand containers?

Yes, we supply you second-hand containers for sale, hire, and storage. Sizes range from 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service to supply only the finest second-hand containers at competitive prices.

Can you create a custom shipping container?

Yes, a standard shipping container has such a good basic design that it can be converted into many custom uses. It can be lined, insulated, fitted with additional doors, windows, and electrics. It can also be shortened to fit a specific space or use and can be modified/ converted to a host of modular uses.

Do you have Shipping Containers for Sale?

We supply shipping containers for sale that range from 10ft to 40ft containers. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled service to supply only the finest used and new shipping containers at competitive prices. In addition to the sale of shipping containers we provide a wide range of accessories and services

Will one of your storage containers be large enough to take my goods?

To enable you to assess the available space in one of our storage containers the internal dimensions, floor area, cubic capacity, and end door aperture sizes of 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft containers are listed on our standard container dimensions page.

Can our container be a specific colour of our choice?

The new and used containers we have in stock will be a variety of colours. If the colour you require is not available we can spray paint the container whatever RAL or BS colour you need. Unless otherwise specified we use a high specification marine paint system on all re-sprays.

What is the expected service life of a container?

This depends on the use of the container. However, shipping containers are designed and manufactured to cope with a long and arduous life moving goods around the world. As such, they are very sturdy and secure. A used container will usually have been in international operation for in excess of 10 years and sometimes longer but depending on your use, depending on its location and reasonable maintenance it is not unreasonable to expect a further 10 plus years of use. New containers will have completed one journey from their country of manufacture and with reasonable use and maintenance can be expected to complete over 30 years as a storage container.

Are there condensation problems with steel containers?

Container condensation problems can sometimes occur depending on what is stored, the atmospheric humidity and temperature changes. All containers have a degree of ventilation which is usually sufficient but if considered necessary we can supply an anti-condensation coating to the inside roof of the container that prevents droplets of condensation forming, we can also supply moisture traps and drying crystals. Containers can also be fitted with a lining.

Can the storage container be positioned on any surface?

Care must be taken with this. All surfaces where the container is to be sited must be flat hard standing. The loaded weight of a storage/shipping container is designed to be supported on its 4 bottom corners which need to be level with each other to ensure the container remains square so the doors open and shut easily. The ground at each corner or the whole area must be solid enough to take the required weight and can be concrete, concrete paving slabs, railway sleepers, a firm stone surface or similar.

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